HELLO: You are here because you received my email about a domain. I operate a free domain notification service, its as simple as that. I do not own or have any connection to the domain.

WHERE IS THE DOMAIN?: The domain has not been renewed by its previous owner, it currently sits with GoDaddy who auction off domains that are not renewed. Anyone can take part in the auction. 

HOW TO GET THE DOMAIN?: Go to GoDaddy, type the domain name in the search box and hit enter, on the next page click ‘PLACE BID’. This takes you to the auction. You will need a GoDaddy account, its free to register one.

TESTIMONIAL / DONATION:  I hope you win the auction, if so you might feel inclined to give a reward to Domain Name Superhero for notifying you about the domain.

A donation (and/or testimonial via contact page) would be greatly appreciated, after all, all this flying around domain names means new capes from time to time!                                                      

HOW TO DONATE:  Simply make a donation on Paypal to help@domainnamesuperhero.com 

For your convenience (and my benefit) here is a secure Paypal donations link


Not sure what to donate? A guide would be 10%-15% of the purchase price. Thank you!

Customers reviews

What people say?

I loved that we were simply made aware of a domain without the sales push. Donation gratefully made, thank you.
Mark Upton
Thank you for helping me get my domain name back! I did not know it was available until you contacted me! These guys are great!
Dan Jason
Network Entertainment